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A: While academic performance is certainly a factor considered by recruiters during placements, IIM Raipur emphasizes holistic development, including soft skills, industry exposure, and practical experience. Students with a balanced profile showcasing not just academic excellence but also leadership potential and adaptability tend to fare better in the placement process.

A: IIM Raipur employs various outreach programs, scholarships, and inclusive admission policies to encourage applications from diverse backgrounds, including gender. Additionally, the institute organizes awareness campaigns and provides mentorship opportunities to support female candidates throughout the selection process.

A: The CDPO at IIM Raipur conducts pre-placement talks, skill-building workshops, and mock interviews to prepare students for the recruitment process. They also facilitate networking opportunities with industry professionals, alumni interactions, and internships to broaden students' exposure and increase their employability.

A: IIM Raipur maintains strong ties with corporate partners through regular communication, collaborative projects, industry visits, and guest lectures. The institute also encourages faculty-industry interactions and research collaborations, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between academia and industry.

A: IIM Raipur evaluates potential recruiters based on their reputation, industry presence, job profiles offered, growth opportunities, and alignment with the institute's values. The selection process involves assessing the company's track record, cultural fit, and commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

A: IIM Raipur offers specialized career counseling, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities tailored to students' unique career aspirations. The institute also collaborates with niche recruiters, organizes industry-specific workshops, and facilitates internships in emerging sectors to support students exploring unconventional career paths.

A: Alumni networks at IIM Raipur provide invaluable support through mentorship, industry referrals, and guest lectures. Alumni often share job opportunities, offer guidance on career choices, and facilitate networking with their professional contacts, significantly enhancing students' placement prospects and career growth.

A: IIM Raipur regularly updates its curriculum, incorporating industry-relevant case studies, live projects, and practical workshops to ensure students are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge demanded by employers. The institute also encourages participation in hackathons, competitions, and conferences to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among students.
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Atal Nagar, P. O. - Kurru (Abhanpur), Raipur - 493661 Chhattisgarh, India
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