Privacy Policy

  1. Overview of the Privacy Policy:

    Careermantra Pvt. Ltd. Is the manager, moderator and operator of the website and all of its versions including mobile and applications. This website policy document clarifies all the issues related to how we will use the data and information collected from users. The privacy policy is prepared only for Prepp and not for the websites linked through it. Kindly refer respective documents to get more insights.

  2. Privacy of Users below 13 Years of Age:

    The website is not designed to attract the users below 13 years and thus the company does not intend to keep data of the users below the specified age. We will delete the information as soon as we find any such information.

  3. Cookies and IP Tracking Policy:

    The website also stores data other than the content which provides information on personal identity in the form of IP and cookies. It, henceforth, comes under the category non personal identifiable data which also includes search history, queries submitted, education interests, date and time, domain, advertisement response. The website can also use a conversion pixel (a 1px. X 1px. image) to track the user behavior on our leads collection form as it is an intact part of our Business.

  4. Information Collected by the Website:

    The website also collects and stores the data submitted by users. As we allow users to request data from third party sources listed on the website, so we share the data to respective institutes to fulfill the request and the privacy of such kind of data is under the mutual agreement between the sources and users. Means of data collection on Prepp are as follows:

    Contact Forms: The contact forms on the website are made to simplify the process of data presentation by collecting the user interests, educational qualification and age.

    Login/Sign - up: By creating a user account, visitor agrees the terms and conditions of the website and we can use the data collected through our channel in the analysis of trends and can also be forwarded to the educational service providers depending upon the usage history. User also agrees to receive SMS and Emails containing the information of the exams and course he/she applies in and also of related exams and courses.

    Testimonials: The users providing testimonials are entitled to public display and can also be shared with our clients

    Forums: Views posted on forums and our comment section are sole property of as it provides a crucial insight of consumer thought process

  5. Opt-in Mails and Other ways to Use data by the Company

    The company can use data collected through the website in various ways

    • Opt-in Mails- Company sends customized mails on the users opting for newsletters or notification on admission process and entrance tests. Users can anytime unsubscribe from the service
    • Feedbacks: The Company may contact its visitors or users for feedback on any new feature or services.
    • Geographical Data: we use geographical or demographical data to provide location wise customized data. d. Cookies and IP data are used to provide most relevant results through search

Company Contact:

Any queries related to Privacy Policy, Please contact on following address:
Careermantra Pvt. Ltd. Address: Near, Office No.101, First Floor, Sai Prasad Complex, Pan Card Club Rd, Baner
Pune, Maharashtra 411045