WBJEE 2024 -  Syllabus 

The Syllabus of WBJEE is similar to the NCERT Class 12 and Class 11 Syllabus of subjects, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. 

The primary (important) topics covered by each of the subjects are  shown below in the following tables. 


Primary Topics% of Marks (Per Topic)
Wave Motion5%
Nuclear Physics5%
Solids & Semiconductor Devices5%
Modern Physics – Atomic Models5%
Laws of Motion4%
Rotational Motion4%
Current Electricity7%
Heat and Thermodynamics6%
Magnetic Effects of Current and Magmatism6%
Work Energy Power5%
Simple Harmonic Motion5%
Physics of Nucleolus5%



Primary Topics% of Marks (Per Topic)
p- Block Elements6%
Redox Reactions5%
Ionic Equilibrium4%
Chemical Equilibrium4%
Coordination Compounds4%
Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives4%
Alcohol Phenol Ether4%
Chemical Thermodynamics4%
Chemical Kinetics7%
Chemical Bonding6%
Transition Elements (d & f block)6%
S block elements6%
Organic Chemistry6%




Primary Topics% of Marks (Per Topic)
3-D Geometry6%
Matrices & Determinants5%
Indefinite Integration5%
Sets, Relation & Functions5%
Definite Integration5%
Theory of Equations4%
Permutation & Combination4%
Complex Numbers4%