Kyrgyzstan state medical university

Kyrgyzstan state medical university is one of the oldest university in Kyrgyzstan. The university is in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The full name of the university is I.K. Akunbaev Kyrgyz state medical university. The establishment of the university was on September 1st, 1939. The Kyrgyzstan state medical university ranking is A+ grade university all over the globe giving a low fees medical education.

Kyrgyzstan state medical university is one of the oldest and the finest medical university in Kyrgyzstan and all over the world. The university offers high quality medical education with the help of 80 years of teaching experience. The university offers the perfect campus and off campus life with its beautiful campus and cheerful atmosphere around the campus for studying and exploring the medical life and instruments.

The university provides best quality facilities and education with an inspiring infrastructure for their students. Students are engaged with several co-curriculum activities such as projects, seminars, clinical practices, medicinal conferences. It also has the highest FMGE passing percentage in Kyrgyzstan.


Hostel facilities of Kyrgyzstan state medical university.

The architecture of hostels building in Kyrgyzstan state medical university is very beautiful and modern structured. The boys and girls at Kyrgyzstan medical university has separate hostel building. The hostel has high technologies and are guarded by security guards and 24/7 camera security. The security of the school is very strong. The hostel rooms are equipped with automated heating temperature technology. Wardens are employed in each hostels for the safety and management of the students at the hostels. Each room have attached washrooms and can hold up to 3 students.


Food and sports facilities.

Kyrgyzstan state medical university has a wonderful food management for the international students. There are also Indian foods for the Indian students who study over there. Both vegetarian and non- vegetarian kinds of foods are served. The university has a big sports complex. The coaches in the university are professional trainers for specific field and are one of the best coaches in Kyrgyzstan. The university has a good reputation in the sports field and many records and are one of the best in the sports fields.

  • If you ever wish to study at Kyrgyzstan state medical university then you must go for it because it is one of the leading university and is recognized by WHO and MCI in the medical field.

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