Sumy state university

Sumy state university is one of the prime Universities in Ukraine. It has dwelled in Sumy city in the northern part of Ukraine. The university has gone through many phases to reach this level. The university was inaugurated in 1948 as a department of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute. Further along in 1966, it was a branch of the Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute. Eventually, in 1990 as the Sumy Institute of Physics and Technology and finally in 1993 as Sumy State University.

From the time of their occurrence university has proven itself potential in assigning knowledge to its students. The university consists of 15000 students shadowing pre- bachelor, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees.

The university maintains its academic excellence. Cultural diversity boosts students’ overall persona it consists of students from more than 30 countries. University empowers its students to practically make their students self-independent.

Why Sumy state university for MBBS:

Following are few advantages of cramming MBBS in Sumy state university which may help you in concluding the exact college according to your preference.


  • The university is globally recognized by National Medical Council, world health organization, MCI, and many more international bodies
  • The university has the expertise of more than 73 years which makes it the most renowned university for pursuing MBBS.
  • Students feel comfortable with multiple cultures in this university due to its engaging environment. Approximately 1500 foreign students reside in this university housing 50 different countries.
  • Top 3 major advantages of the university

No donation

No entrance test

Certificates for exams such as IELTS and TOEFL are not demanded

  • Sumy state university is convenient to Indian students because a substantial number of Indian students do merge over here based on low tuition fees and high ranking.
  • The faculty is crackerjack they maintain the best relationship with students.
  • Practical knowledge implemented is up to mark they get ample of knowledge by treating the people in the hospital
  • The university provides the best mess for the students in the hostel area.
  • Exchange programs are undertaken by the university to get the best out of students
  • At the end of the course, students do feel comfortable with Ukraine and the Russian language.
  • Teacher Student ratio is comfortable to carry out the process conveniently.

Popular courses offered other than MBBS:

  • Family Medicine (Doctor of Medicine/MBBS)
  • Pediatrics
  • Traumatology
  • Surgery
  • Obstetrics
  • Therapy


Eligibility Criteria for MBBS:


The following criteria should be followed to make the process simple and worthy.

  • You should be completely qualified in PCB with more than 50% marks (PCB-Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is mandatory i.e NEET UG.
  • Your age should be more than 17 years before 31 st December.

Admission process:


  • Filling up the application form is the leading process carried out the information questioned in the form are name, permanent address, Date of Birth, citizenship, permanent address, phone number.
  • The scanned documents mentioned should be attached.
  • After submitting the application form through online mode the documents verification process will be commenced
  • Afterward, you will receive an invitation letter from the university if you are eligible.
  • paying the 1 st installment is mandatory for confirmation.
  • You have to submit the scanned documents of passport for invitation letter insurance
  • You have to submit a passport for the study visa embassy.
  • The required info about currency exchange will be provided.
  • Accompanying that, you will gain a visa support letter from the university this will make the procedure of visa approval easier.
  • Students should send the aspects about their flight.

Admission process is easy to setup please do follow official website before starting the process



Documents Required

  • passport copy
  • SSC mark sheet
  • HSC mark sheet
  • Invitation letter from the university
  • NEET report card valid between 3years of giving examination
  • Application form receipt by the university
  • Birth certificate along with a medical certificate
  • Passport size photographs

Infrastructure and Facilities:

  • The university has a well-developed information technology system integrated based on top-notch technologies
  • The library has all the amenities it includes hard copies as well electronic resources with world-recognized data collection. Moreover, the Library was awarded the “Library of the Year” award in the year 2019 based on a national level.
  • The university has affiliated with many hospitals to develop practical knowledge for students
  • University gives equal priority to sports sessions it has 62 sports club almost 2000 students have taken active participation in it.
  • University provides consultation related to sports.
  • The most unique facility provided at Samy state University is driving school. The students get quality driving lessons with the help of professional staff.
  • The university has labs as well on the campus.
  • There is also a gym with the latest pieces of equipment


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